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At Prestige Wheels, we pride ourselves on being truly flexible when it comes to the scope of location on offer with our repair coverage. When we use the term ‘Mobile Repair Service’, ‘mobile’ is certainly the operative word.

Whilst based predominantly in the North West, we’re happy to say that we’re willing to travel UK-Wide to service our Mobile Repair customers if the job permits. Outside of the North West we commonly provide repairs in other locations such as Staffordshire, Cheshire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and North Wales – simply make us aware of the type of repair you require, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs in our usual timely manner.


As a business our aim is to grow to a point where we have service vans and experienced technicians operating up and down the country, meaning that wherever you happen to be based we’ll always have someone on hand to quickly and efficiently deal with your issue, big or small.

Despite us currently being based in the North West, you’d be surprised at how far our Mobile Repair Service technicians can and will travel if the job is right – your best bet to find out what we can do for you today is to contact us through this page. One of our team will take a look at get in touch at the earliest convenience to confirm your options.