Adding Value to Your Car Through Modifications

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When making modifications to your car, it’s important to make sure you know which will add value and which won’t, before you put yourself out of pocket. That’s why we’ve got three modifications that will not only improve your car’s appearance, but it’s performance too, whilst also increasing the value.

Performance Tyres

Tyres play a huge part in a car’s performance. Bald, worn, damaged or punctured tyres make a car much more difficult to handle which in turn makes it incredibly dangerous for you and others on the road. Whilst high-performance tyres aren’t always cheap, they are worth investing in. When it comes to selling or upgrading your car, potential buyers will always look at the tyres and determine whether they’re willing to pay your asking price. If you don’t want to pay the price of high-performance tyres, then be sure to have any punctures or damage to your tyres fixed as soon as possible. Did you know we now offer tyre puncture repair?

Alloy Wheel Recolouring

Many think alloy wheels are simply stylish addition to a car, but they do actually have practical benefits too and can also increase its value. Whilst alloys are lighter, they’re stronger too than materials typically made for rims. The overall wear and tear of the tyres and vehicle are reduced with alloy wheels, and they can also improve manoeuvrability and increase acceleration. 

If you already have alloys on your car but want to increase value, then it may be worth looking at alloy recolouring. With this service, a powder coating is sprayed on to the alloy like traditional paint which then settles on the surface dry. This is then heat-treated which forms a gel over the surface of the wheel that protects your alloy wheels against UV damage, light scratches, pollution and wash swirls. Not only does it add some personality to your car, but it ultimately could turn your popular make and model into a much more bespoke car which people may pay that little extra for if you sell privately. Find out more about our bespoke wheel colour changes here.

Calliper Painting

Another fantastic service that we offer that could add value to your car is calliper painting. Calliper paint can not only transform the appearance of your car and draw the eye to your vehicle and highlight your rims; but did you know it can also help protect them too? As callipers age, they accumulate more brake dust and road dirt and can rust over time too. The painting process will remove the grime and ensure your brake parts are in top condition before applying a fresh coat of paint to protect them for longer.

Whether it’s puncture repair, alloy recolouring or calliper painting that you’re after, here at Prestige Wheels we have it all. Get in touch with us today or book in for our mobile cosmetic service.