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What is Alloy Wheel Powder Coating?

powder coated

If you are looking for a change of colour for your wheels, a powder coating, rather than a traditional paint and lacquer approach, is one of the options available to you in the marketplace.   Here at Prestige Wheels Ltd, we have a range of colours and finishes that we stock or we can source a… Read more »

How to clean your Alloy Wheels

From road grime to grease to the troublesome brake dust, the dirt can be difficult to clean and become a time-consuming process. You don’t have to be a car junkie to love your alloys. Wear and tear is one thing we can’t do a lot about in life, and this extends to your alloy wheels,… Read more »

What are Diamond Cut Alloys?

When it comes to the wheels of your vehicle, diamond cut alloys are becoming an increasingly popular choice. A diamond cut finish applied to the full face of the wheel can bring a new layer of shine and resistance to your vehicle. Here at Prestige Wheels, we take pride in being one of the first… Read more »

Can I drive my car with a punctured tyre?

If you’ve ever experienced getting a flat tyre in the middle of a journey, you’ve probably asked yourself ‘Can I still drive with a punctured tyre?’. According to the Highway Code, if you have a flat tyre, you have to stop as soon as it is safe to do so. Only change the tyre if… Read more »

Do cosmetic repairs last? Here’s what you need to know

Are your alloy wheels in a sparkling condition?  Even the most careful car owners can damage their vehicle without noticing it and unfortunately, avoiding kerb damage is not always possible. However, there’s no need to panic as there are ways we can fix that. Cosmetic repairs are essentially repairs to a small or medium part… Read more »

Why Dealerships Come To Us

Any successful local business will have built itself on two major services; consumer and commercial, and we really pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve built amongst the local and regional dealership community. Like with any field or industry, it’s best practice to rely on highly skilled, extensively trained experts for every specific field. While there… Read more »

Annual Wheel Protection and Multi Car Offering

We’re often asked the question, “is it worth getting my alloys refurbed?” and in short, our answer will always be yes. Whether it’s down to damage or you’re trying to increase or retain the value of your car, we’d always recommend getting your alloys repaired or refurbed sooner rather than later. That’s why we’re pleased… Read more »

Can Kerbed Alloys be Repaired?

clean wheel

If you’ve got a set of alloy wheels on your car, the chances are that you’ll want to keep them in excellent condition. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, scuffed alloys and kerbed alloy wheels are an all-too-common occurrence. Kerbed alloys most commonly happen while parking or while turning into a corner, often because the driver has… Read more »

Prepare Your Car for the Summer

car in the sun

You’ll have all heard and be aware that you need to check that your car is winter-ready, but did you know it’s just as important to make sure your car is summer-ready? Just like the colder months when there are different factors that can affect driving conditions and the running of your car, the change… Read more »

End of Lease Alloy Wear and Tear Guide

blue car

Car leasing is an attractive proposition to lots of drivers, as it allows many of us to get a real taste for a vehicle and how we feel driving it without necessarily having to stump up huge fees for the privilege. However, it’s worth being aware that as you approach the end of your car… Read more »