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What’s Changed in the Car Industry in 2020 So Far?

Car Industry

At the start of this year if you’d have asked us what we thought 2020 had in store for the automotive industry we definitely wouldn’t have predicted a global pandemic. Who would have thought we’d have experienced driving restrictions, delayed MOTs and driving licence renewals and ultimately a pause of international car making? Not us!… Read more »

Should I Use an Alloy Repair Kit?

scratched alloy wheel

When it comes to your car’s alloys, it’s easy enough for them to become kerbed, dented, cracked or even corroded if not repaired. For many it will simply be the case of needing a professional like ourselves to repair them and restore them to looking like new, however, a few people may consider using a… Read more »

Look After Your Car During Lockdown

Cleaning a car

Since the lockdown, UK drivers have used their cars far less than normal. Whilst it would be nice to assume cars can remain unused for a couple of months and then just get straight back on the roads, unfortunately, this isn’t the case. With the government also extending required MOTs for six months, now more… Read more »

Everything you need to know about Puncture Repair

When it comes to your car, there’s nothing more infuriating than experiencing a puncture, especially as it seems to occur at the most inconvenient time. With almost 39 million cars on the UK road, that means almost 156 million tyres could potentially succumb to a puncture at some point or other. If your tyre is… Read more »

Protecting our Team & Customers

Following the Government’s recent announcement and the imposed restrictions that have been put in place regarding unnecessary contact or travel, we want to assure you that whilst we continue to support essential workers & businesses both our customers and our staff’s safety is of paramount importance to us. Following yesterdays announcement where some workers have… Read more »

Prepare Your Car for the Summer

car in the sun

You’ll have all heard and be aware that you need to check that your car is winter-ready, but did you know it’s just as important to make sure your car is summer-ready? Just like the colder months when there are different factors that can affect driving conditions and the running of your car, the change… Read more »


The James Bond Films are known for their exotic locations, dramatic shootouts and glamorous women but if there’s one thing that stands centre stage of all the movies (and especially for us!), it’s the flashy cars we see Bond sat in the driving seat of. We’ve gathered some fun facts about some of the cars… Read more »

5 Instagram Accounts You’ll Wish You’d Followed Sooner!

alloy other

We’re all guilty of following Instagram accounts that simply make us question ‘Instagram Vs. Reality’ however we couldn’t help but share with you some of our favourite automotive-themed accounts that will simply give you #CarEnvy. We simply love tuning into @BeverleyHillsCarClub to see the latest instalment of their weekday themed posts, from #MercedesMonday to #FerrariFriday… Read more »

What are the options for repair with my damaged Alloy Wheel?

cleaning wheels

As you may or may not know already, damaging your alloy(s) can open you up to a whole host of issues. Alongside the obvious cosmetic eyesore created by a damaged alloy, performance issues with suspension, transmission faults and even changes in your ability to steer the vehicle are all common causes for concern amongst drivers… Read more »