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End of Lease repair charges, and why you should avoid them

getting the car keys

Car leasing is an attractive proposition to lots of drivers, as it allows many of us to get a real taste for a vehicle and how we feel driving it without necessarily having to stump up huge fees for the privilege. You could compare it to renting a home, and in many ways the two… Read more »

The rise of Electric Vehicles

electric vehicles

The topics of climate change as well as personal finance are two of the biggest talking points we all encounter and deal with on a daily basis. Some petrolheads have been torn between their love of all things driveable and their wish to protect the planet, often without any real solution to the issue. The… Read more »

2019’s Trends in Alloy Wheels

alloy wheels

As ever in the alloy industry, we’ve seen another year of evolution when it comes to design trends. As the year has progressed, we’ve seen a mix of the subtle and the bold take hold for drivers, and today we’ve rounded up some of our favourite trends from throughout the months to give you readers… Read more »

Driving home for Christmas? Watch those potholes!


As much as we all love the festive season and the fun that comes along with it, the fact still remains that for many, Christmas represents the most stressful time of the year. Between buying gifts, time off work, travel or that in-law you’ve never got along with… the panic can really begin to stack… Read more »

Brand New Site for Prestige Wheels!

time to update

As you’ll have probably already realised if you’re reading this blog, we have a new website! Now, we’ve always been experts in alloy repairs and refurbishment, but we felt like the time had come for Prestige Wheels to bring our online presence up to speed with the rest of the business. That’s exactly what we’ve… Read more »

Alloy Wheel Maintenance During The Winter Months

There’s nothing quite like winter when it comes to leaving your alloy wheels looking dull and lifeless. Even worse, with all the gritters on the road and harsh weather, winter is the time you’re more likely to end up with scratched alloys, corroded wheels and more. So, when it comes to protecting those wheels to… Read more »