Driving home for Christmas? Watch those potholes!

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As much as we all love the festive season and the fun that comes along with it, the fact still remains that for many, Christmas represents the most stressful time of the year. Between buying gifts, time off work, travel or that in-law you’ve never got along with… the panic can really begin to stack up.

The last thing any of us would need during the busiest of all busy periods is an alloy or wheel problem, but if you’re driving through the North West this December your nightmare might just become a reality.

According to recent research, the UK is now ranked down at 27th place in terms of road condition – beneath countries such as Peru and Chile – with repair costs being speculated into the billions. Worse still when it comes to potholes, many of the worst roads in Britain can be found right here in our region.

The worst of the worst

Unfortunately, the UK’s most hated road doesn’t fall too far from the apple (or alloy?) tree. In 2018, Mellor Brook Bypass in Balderstone, Lancashire, was reported to the council 545 times. Not a road for those wanting to avoid a wheel repair this Christmas, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Greater Manchester

In the 9 months up to January 2019, the number of potholes found across Greater Manchester increased by 6%. The centre of Manchester itself saw a huge increase in road damage over the same period, with an incredible 90% (931 to 1771) growth in the number of potholes found. Stockport was another area with large numbers of potholes reported, with 643 found across the area.

As reported in August of this year, here are the roads which have been complained about the most across the region:

  • Bury: Stopes Road, Radcliffe
  • Stockport: The A6 Wellington Road North/South, Buxton Road and London Road
  • Manchester: Wilmslow Road, Manchester
  • Rochdale: Most complaints related to M24 area
  • Oldham: Partington Street, Failsworth
  • Tameside: Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge
  • Bolton: Bradshawgate
  • Trafford: Manchester Road, Carrington
  • Wigan: Winstanley Road, Billinge

What can I do to avoid the worst affected areas?

Whilst some horror roads are unavoidable at this time of year, many people are often still surprised at how many other routes to their destination are on offer – especially in urban areas. Plan your routes beforehand, making sure to research any alternatives to the gauntlet of your usual pothole-filled streets. Another simple tip we could offer up would be to use your common sense – if your fellow drivers ahead are taking extra care on a certain section of road, there’s probably a good reason for that. What you need to remember above anything is that whilst tricky to navigate at times, potholes aren’t the end of the world.

I’ve taken the precautions, but I’ve still damaged my alloys – what now?

Here’s where we come in. As well as our traditional in-house repair services, we can also boost our mobile welding and cosmetic services, which means that we’ll come to you! Simply browse our website to see which of our services it is that you require, before booking your slot with us and waiting for us to come out to your vehicle and do the rest. Problem solved, without all the extra stress!

Whether your alloy wheels are corroded, dented or cracked, Prestige Wheels is here to help! You can come to our repair centre or get one of our highly skilled technician to come to you via our mobile repair service.

If you’d like to discuss any of our services further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today – one of our team will be more than happy to help.