How to care and clean your alloys

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An integral part of caring and keeping your car pristine is keeping on top of your alloy care. The majority of cars now have alloys (as opposed to wheel trims) improving your cars performance and quality of the ride. Whether cleaning your car is a chore or a pleasurable part of your weekend routine we share our top tips to care for your alloys.

How to maintain your alloy wheels

Get in the habit of cleaning your alloy wheels every 1-2 weeks to prevent dirt and dust build-up from becoming a problem. Road dirt, dust and salt can affect the appearance of your wheels in both the short and long term if left unkept, even leading to corrosion.

There are a number of specialist cleaners and polishes available to buy, but we’re firm believers that maintaining your alloys and keeping them in good shape can be done using mild soapy warm water and a non-abrasive cloth/brush.

Some manufacturers recommend applying a good quality car wax or specialist wheel wax to keep their shine and help grime and dust slide off easily. Doing lots of miles? Changing your brake pads regularly is a simple process and can keep the wheels in good condition by reducing brake dust, whilst brake dust shields can help to deflect dust from the alloys to keep them looking shinier for longer.

The best way to clean your alloys

Top Tip: Always allow your wheels to cool thoroughly before cleaning them.

Never use abrasive cleaners or acidic products when it comes to washing your alloys. We recommend cleaning your wheels with a fresh bucket of warm water with mild car shampoo and a non-abrasive cloth. If done regularly this will help to prevent road salt, brake dust and dirt engraining onto the surface and make cleaning the wheels far easier.  Once cleaned simply rinse and dry off using a lint-free cloth to prevent water spots drying on your alloys.

*If you’ve previously had your wheels refurbished, we recommend steering clear of car-wash wheel cleaners!

Fixing Damaged Alloys

Whilst cautious driving can reduce the damage to your alloy wheels, sometimes wear and tear is unavoidable. Cosmetic faults are easily repaired, and this will leave your wheel as good as new. Most alloy wheel kerb scuffs and scratches can be removed and returned to original condition in less than 2 hours. This is where we as alloy wheel refurbishment specialists come in. As well as our traditional in-house repair services, we also boast our mobile welding and cosmetic services, which means that we’ll come to you! Simply browse our website to see which of our services it is that you require, before booking your slot with us and waiting for us to come out to your vehicle and do the rest. 

Whether you’re a car junkie or you’re just looking to prevent costly repairs on your lease hire vehicle, a set of poorly maintained wheels can end up not only reducing the aesthetic value of the car but also the overall cost, so maintenance is key.

Whether your alloy wheels are kerbeddented or cracked, Prestige Wheels is here to help! You can come to our repair centre or get one of our highly skilled technician to come to you via our mobile repair service. Please get in touch with our team today.