What are the options for repair with my damaged Alloy Wheel?

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As you may or may not know already, damaging your alloy(s) can open you up to a whole host of issues. Alongside the obvious cosmetic eyesore created by a damaged alloy, performance issues with suspension, transmission faults and even changes in your ability to steer the vehicle are all common causes for concern amongst drivers across the land.

For anything more than a scrape, a repair of some sort will most likely need to take place but in the meantime, you’ll need to make sure you take the utmost care when driving around to make sure you don’t aggravate the issue. Drive more slowly than you would usually, and if possible don’t drive at all.

What kind of damage can you repair yourself?

If you’re someone who considers yourself handy in the art of small repairs, then you may want to try your hand at carrying the job out yourself. This is a method only applicable for you if your alloy damage leans more towards the lighter, more cosmetic end of the scale I.E something that only affects the appearance of your vehicle – strictly nothing performance related.

What do you need to repair small damages yourself?

Alloy Repair Kits are available for purchase, and these contain essentials such as paint, filler/primer, lacquer, gloves and application tools such as sponges and brushes.

When can a wheel not be repaired?

As mentioned earlier in this article, any damage which could potentially affect core performance (and therefore compromise the safety) of your vehicle should be left well alone. Something to keep in mind is this: if any doubt at all exists in your mind over your ability to carry out a repair, use your common sense and steer well away!

Where to go if you can’t repair it yourself?

Alloy repair specialists such as Prestige Wheels will be able to quickly and expertly carry out any repair you require, no matter the damage. Whether you’ve simply kerbed your diamond cut alloy or dented your split rim alloy, you can rest assured that our experienced team of qualified technicians have been there, done that and carried out these types of repairs a million times over. The added perk of going with Prestige for your repair is that we can also boast a mobile repair service, which means we’ll remove all the hassle of a repair by coming out to you and rectifying your damage wherever you are.

Whether your alloy wheels are kerbedcorroded or cracked, Prestige Wheels is here to help! You can come to our repair centre or get one of our highly skilled technician to come to you via our mobile repair service. Please get in touch with our team today.