Should I Use an Alloy Repair Kit?

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When it comes to your car’s alloys, it’s easy enough for them to become kerbed, dented, cracked or even corroded if not repaired. For many it will simply be the case of needing a professional like ourselves to repair them and restore them to looking like new, however, a few people may consider using a home alloy repair kit.

We’ve answered some commonly asked questions before you considered taking on this DIY job yourself.

Will an alloy repair kit fix my damaged wheel?

Alloy wheel repair kits include all the materials needed to repair damaged alloys; however, they are only recommended for fixing light to medium cosmetic damage like shallow scratches from kerbing the edges of the wheel. Although they contain a filler, paint and equipment to rectify damage they are not suitable for repairing large areas of damage. The price comparison may be appealing as they are substantially cheaper, but the finish is unlikely to be anywhere near perfect.

How do I know what level of damage I have?

Other than the obvious reason that we are trained to ensure your wheel is restored to the best possible standard, we’re also able to determine the current state of the alloy before carrying out any work. Cosmetic alloy damage varies in severity and most can be covering up a bigger problem with your wheel which can also impact your car’s performance if you drive on it. This is something we are able to spot and will be able to advise whether your alloy is actually repairable.

What do Prestige Wheels do that I can’t do with a home alloy repair kit?

The vehicle is jacked up safely and on the designated points and left securely on axle stands. The tyres are deflated and pushed back to ensure maximum access to the damaged area. All damage is removed ensuring the shape of the wheel is kept and then the wheel is then re-sprayed and lacquered back to original form. The wheel is then cured off under the heat system and once the alloy dries the tyres are re-inflated to the correct manufacturers pressure.  The wheels are then fitted back on to the vehicle ensuring the correct torque has been applied.

There’s a whole host of reasons to go with Prestige for your kerbed alloy repair – our service, experience and pricing are amongst the best in the business – but if convenience is one of your key criteria then you needn’t look elsewhere. With our Mobile Cosmetic Repair service you simply book in an appropriate timeslot for your repair, and we’ll come out to you to the repair. That’s right, whether you’re at home or at work – we’ll take all the stress of dropping and collecting your vehicle out of the equation. Alternatively, we do still offer an in-house repair service at our main centre, but instead of leaving you without a vehicle whilst yours is in for repair, we actually offer a hire car service for just £12 per day. At Prestige we really understand that convenience is key for customers, and that’s reflected in these unique offerings including even offering a 12-month warranty on all of our mobile repairs. 

Prices start from £79.99 per wheel. Please use our unique online booking system for your instant price and booking date today.