The rise of Electric Vehicles

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The topics of climate change as well as personal finance are two of the biggest talking points we all encounter and deal with on a daily basis. Some petrolheads have been torn between their love of all things driveable and their wish to protect the planet, often without any real solution to the issue. The rise of Electric Vehicles (EVs) have offered an alternative driving lifestyle for many, and the reasons to make the switch make for pleasant reading. A whole host of new EV models are set to launch in 2020, with the number of European models available set to jump from 100 to 175 during the year, and UK sales are poised to rise from 3.4% of all vehicle sales to 5.5%.

Here are some of the key reasons why so many are beginning to make the switch to electric.

Environmental benefits

Growing concerns over our climate amongst environmentally-conscious drivers have no doubt played their part when looking at the surge in popularity of vehicles of this type in recent times. Pure EVs don’t emit any gases from their exhaust, meaning that pollution can be reduced massively in crowded urban areas. Studies have also shown that EVs convert over 77% of electric energy from the grid, making them incredibly energy efficient to own.

Reduced cost to run

EVs are noted to be relatively inexpensive to run when in comparison to traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. When charged at home, EVs can often run for 100 miles at a cost of just £2-4, blowing away their competition.

Performance benefits

The loud engine you’re used to with traditional vehicles is noticeable by its absence when it comes to an electric alternative – common feedback from drivers has stated that the noise they make (or lack thereof) provides for a more relaxed driving experience.

The drawbacks

One drawback of the charging system is that not all rural areas currently provide charging points, so many have been put off at the lack of current accessibility. Another related issue is that the range of EVs still has many drivers concerned, which again comes back to the issue of charging. As well as this, the range of models available is seen as somewhat limited by many potential buyers (though as noted earlier this is set to change in the coming year).

One final drawback is that as with any vehicle, EVs aren’t immune from damage. Unfortunately, you may still run into many of the same wheel and alloy issues as you would usually.

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