Thinking about getting your Alloys Recoloured?

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At Prestige Wheels, we provide an alloy wheel colour change service that can completely transform the look of your alloys. Rather than investing in a new set of alloys, revive your current ones with a respray as an attractive and affordable alternative.

Alloy Wheel Colour Change Advise

Thinking about alloy wheel recolouring? It doesn’t have to be a standard black alloy wheel colour change you fancy, it could be one of hundreds, in fact thousands of colours we can repaint your alloy wheels.

At Prestige Wheels we have a range of colours and finishes that we stock or we can source a colour for you. Not sure what shade to go for? Speak to a member of our team for some free impartial advice and ideas.

We find the most popular colour changes for alloys tend to be matte black, gloss black, or anthracite grey but ultimately we can implement everything from powder coating to chrome effects on your rims and brake calipers.

What is Alloy Wheel Powder Coating?

If you are looking for a change of colour for your wheels, a powder coating, rather than a traditional paint and lacquer approach is one of the options available to you at Prestige Wheels. With Alloy Wheel Powder Coating, a powder coating is sprayed on to the alloy like traditional paint which then settles on the surface dry. With Powder Coating, it’s also possible to achieve more specialist finishes such as glitter finishes.

Powder Coating is heat-treated which forms a gel over the surface of the wheel that protects your alloy wheels against UV damage, light scratches, pollution and wash swirls. Not only does it add some personality to your car, but it ultimately could turn your popular make and model into a much more bespoke car which people may pay that little extra for if you sell privately. 

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Looking to refurb your current wheels and match your current colour? We can match the colour of your alloy wheels by taking the registration number and make of your car which provides us with the manufacturer’s colour code, from which we can precisely match the paint and mix on-site.

Looking for something completely different? If you really want to stand out, we can create a custom colour and bespoke finish just for you.

Whether your wheels need refurbing or you just want something different, a bespoke full colour change can truly transform the look of your car.

Check out this recent colour change on this Land Rover Defender.