What are Diamond Cut Alloys?

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When it comes to the wheels of your vehicle, diamond cut alloys are becoming an increasingly popular choice. A diamond cut finish applied to the full face of the wheel can bring a new layer of shine and resistance to your vehicle.

Here at Prestige Wheels, we take pride in being one of the first companies within the region to offer repairs on diamond-turned alloys. Our team of technicians have a wealth of experience and with our fully state-of-the-art systems, we can refurbish diamond cut wheels with the same finish within 3-5 days.

If you’re looking to get diamond cut alloys on your next visit, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about this refurbishment service and how it can enhance the look of your vehicle.

What is a diamond cut alloy?

While not all wheels can be diamond cut, this service refers to painting the face of the wheel to achieve a high shine alloy finish. Out of the actual alloy, only a small part is machined off and then lacquered off to achieve the diamond cut effect, leaving a sparkling and bright finish to your wheels.

Is a diamond cut long-lasting?

Compared to traditional wheels, diamond cut alloys are more prone to stone chips and kerb damage that penetrate the surface lacquer and lead to corrosion more quickly. However, the polished and visually-appealing look that diamond cut alloys can give your vehicle is a favourite feature among drivers.

Why choose a diamond cut for your alloys?

A diamond cut has a bright and sparkling finish which offers an impressive look to your wheels and it can make your car stand out. In addition, diamond cut alloys are low maintenance and they require minimal polishing to keep the wheels sparkling.

If you opt for diamond cut alloys, your car performance won’t be affected as the diamond cut repairs allow for an improved acceleration and braking capabilities. Therefore, you can rest assured your car will perform better, while your stunning wheels will be noticed by everybody.

How many times can you refurbish a diamond cut wheel?

Diamond cutting is a very precise process and takes longer to reproduce than a powder coating refurbishment. Traditionally, you can re-cut or refurbish a diamond cut wheel up to 2 times, however, it depends on the condition of your tyres. Our team of technicians will examine your wheels and if they notice that the tyre is in any way compromised, they will not cut the wheel and instead will come up with other options to enhance the aspect of your vehicle.

On your visit, it’s important to let our specialists know if your tyres have been cut before so they can make an informed assessment and provide you with the best solutions.

Why choose Prestige Wheels for your diamond cut alloys?

There’s a whole host of reasons to go with Prestige Wheels for your alloy wheel repairs – our service, experience and pricing are amongst the best in the business – but if convenience is one of your key criteria then you needn’t look elsewhere.

Whether you’re looking to repair a dent, scratch or cracked alloy our team of technicians specialise in comprehensive refurbishment including bespoke colour changes, corrosion correction and diamond turning.

 We can offer both mobile and main centre services to all motor trade customers. Please call 0161 476 1866 or get in touch with us here to speak to our team to find out more about our trade discounts and offers.