Alloy Wheel Maintenance During The Winter Months

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There’s nothing quite like winter when it comes to leaving your alloy wheels looking dull and lifeless. Even worse, with all the gritters on the road and harsh weather, winter is the time you’re more likely to end up with scratched alloys, corroded wheels and more. So, when it comes to protecting those wheels to keep them in top condition for the colder season, snow, ice and all, these top tips will help guide you through:

Stick to the roads better-travelled

The best way to keep your alloys looking brand-new in the colder months is to ensure you don’t damage them in the first place. Prevention is the best cure, after all, and your wheels are no exception. Stick to well-ploughed roads, opt to avoid freshly-gritted or salted streets and stay on the main roads to prevent any possible dented alloy incidents – your car will look much better for it in the long-term.

Switch out your alloys

If you’re particularly fond of the alloys your car currently has on, switching them out in the harsher months for something you’re not so bothered about might be the ideal solution. While it’s less common in the UK, people in countless other countries have specific winter tyres for their vehicle – so why not do the same? Storing your favourite alloys away for kinder months is a great way to keep them non-corroded and looking nicer for longer.

Regular washing and waxing

It might sound counter-productive to keep up that regular maintenance when you can’t even see your car wheels before 8 am or after 6 pm in the dark. But washing and waxing do more than make your alloy wheels look nice. Some waxes are specifically designed for alloy protection against grime, weather damage and chemicals like salt, keeping your alloys shinier and grime-free even in the muddiest of months.

Prompt repairs as and when needed

Opting to take your car in for alloy repair when it gets damaged is the best thing you can do to ensure your alloys last out the next few miserable months. Regular alloy maintenance, including getting rid of those signs of wear and tear, is the best way to ensure your car looks its best at all times – so get booked in to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape over the winter months.

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