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Anybody who has ever had alloy wheels will recognise those nasty chips they can get on the side of them, but did you know that they have a name and that they can be fixed? Let’s take a look at what a kerbed alloy wheel is, and how Prestige Wheels can help.

What’s a kerbed alloy?

A kerbed alloy is simply an alloy wheel that has been scuffed or scratched on a kerb so that a chip or groove is taken out of it. This most commonly happens while parking or while turning into a corner, often because the driver has misjudged their wheel position and caused it to strike the kerb. The good news is that it’s not as serious as cracking or denting your alloy and there’s normally no need to replace the wheel, which is where Prestige Wheels comes in. We can rectify any and all damage to your alloy wheel and have it looking brand new thanks to our tried and tested methods, and our attention to detail.

What’s the problem?

A kerbed alloy can vary in severity from cosmetic to serious, so it’s generally a good idea to get any damage checked out if you think it might become a problem. Nobody likes to drive their car around looking uncared for, and a kerbed alloy can even have implications for your car’s resale value when it’s time to upgrade, but it can also impact your car’s performance if you drive on one. At best the deformed shape of the wheel caused by the damage is likely to shorten the life of your tyres if they don’t fit properly, and at worst a kerbed alloy can worsen into something more serious like a structural crack if not taken care of.

Do I need to fix it?

One of the biggest questions we get asked regularly is whether it’s cost-effective for you to get your wheel fixed when it’s kerbed. While you may not be too concerned about cosmetic damage, the resulting damage from not fixing it if it’s masking a more serious problem with your wheel could be expensive or even deadly. When you book a repair in with us, we don’t just take a look at the surface. We go in-depth into the condition of your wheel to find out exactly what is wrong, and we can detect problems that might go unnoticed with a more cosmetic fix. Here’s how.

Why choose Prestige?

There’s a whole host of reasons to go with Prestige for your kerbed alloy repair – our service, experience and pricing are amongst the best in the business – but if convenience is one of your key criteria then you needn’t look elsewhere. With our Mobile Cosmetic Repair service, you simply book in an appropriate timeslot for your repair, and we’ll come out to you to the repair. That’s right, whether you’re at home or at work – we’ll take all the stress of dropping and collecting your vehicle out of the equation. Alternatively, we do still offer an in-house repair service at our main centre, but instead of leaving you without a vehicle whilst yours is in for repair, we actually offer a hire car service for just £12 per day. At Prestige we really understand that convenience is key for customers, and that’s reflected in these unique offerings.

We hope that you know a bit more about what a kerbed alloy is and why it’s a good idea to get it fixed if you encounter this problem, and we hope we’ve convinced you that Prestige Wheels are the team who can give you the best service. Head to our homepage to book in your repair today, or for any queries simply fill out our contact form or give us a call and one of our expert technicians will be able to assist.

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