Cosmetic Repairs

  • Make sure Locking wheel nut is available, colour can be matched, wheel/s are washed,
  • land is flat and solid, electricity available*
  • Jack the vehicle up and leave securely on axle stands
  • Deflate and push the tyre back to ensure maximum access to the damaged area
  • Take out all damage ensuring the shape of the wheel is kept
  • Re-spray and lacquer the face of the alloy back to original form
  • Cured off under heat system
  • Re-inflate the tyre to the correct manufacturers pressure
  • Re-fit the wheel back onto the car ensuring correct torque has been applied**

*we ask customers to check all this before we arrive!
**we ask all customers to check the nuts after driving for 50km after wheel has been re-fitted



Prices vary per wheel and are dependent on the wheel finish and damage – please call 0161 476 1866 for your instant quote.

Please see terms and conditions.