Polished Alloy Wheel Repair Service

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Corrosion, kerbs and dents are inevitable, but an expert technician can and will have your alloy looking good-as-new in no time. Whilst these issues to your alloys will often start out as a cosmetic issue if left for long periods of time the level of damage can often get to a point where it is no longer safe to drive on. We can rectify any and all damage to your alloy wheel and have it looking brand new thanks to our tried and tested methods, and our attention to detail. When you book a repair in with us, we don’t just take a look at the surface. We go in-depth into the condition of your wheel to find out exactly what is wrong, and we can detect problems that might go unnoticed with a more cosmetic fix.


Polished alloys have more of a “mirror” finish compared to diamond-turned alloys making them less practical for everyday use and more prone to corrode faster than painted wheels; no matter how new they are as they are quite simply bare aluminium polished up with a lacquer on top. Therefore the effects of weathering, corrosion and normal chips and dents, can soon take the shine off that shiny new look.


If corrosion is not too extensive, we are able to polish up just the outer edges on these wheels removing kerb damage and restore some of their original gloss. Our unique mobile service ensures polished alloy wheel refurbishment can be completed at your home or workplace in a fraction of the time.

Unfortunately, no warranty can be given to the refurbishment of polished wheels due to the corrosion that can occur. In extremely corroded cases of polished wheels, we recommend to lose the finish and go for a bespoke coloured or standard silver coating at our main centre.

There’s a whole host of reasons to go with Prestige for your kerbed alloy repair – our service, experience and pricing are amongst the best in the business – but if convenience is one of your key criteria then you needn’t look elsewhere. With our Mobile Cosmetic Repair service, you simply book in an appropriate timeslot for your repair, and we’ll come out to you to the repair. That’s right, whether you’re at home or at work – we’ll take all the stress of dropping and collecting your vehicle out of the equation. Alternatively, we do still offer an in-house polishing service at our main centre, but instead of leaving you without a vehicle whilst yours is in for repair, we actually offer a hire car service for just £12 per day. At Prestige we really understand that convenience is key for customers, and that’s reflected in these unique offerings.

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