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A puncture to your tyre is a problem no matter its size, and some can go far beyond being fixed with a simple kit. Most car owners will experience a tyre puncture at some point and it’s likely to be at the most inconvenient of times too, like on your way to work or the school run which is why you need them fixing as soon as possible.

What causes a puncture?

Although annoying, a punctured tyre is a very common problem for many drivers. Punctures can occur for many reasons, with the most common being cars driving over sharp objects, into a kerb or over a pothole in the road at a high speed. However, factors like a leaking valve stern, a worn-out tread or a collision can also create a hole in your tyre.

How do I know if I have a puncture?

Slow punctures are not always noticed straight away, but there are certain ways of finding out if your car has one. If your vehicle feels slightly wobbly or your steering wheel shudders, this can be a sign; as well as if your car is difficult to steer or it pulls towards a certain direction. Also, many newer cars will have a warning sign on the dashboard if there is any drop in tyre pressure.

What’s the problem?

Not only are punctured tyres a huge inconvenience but ignoring one can lead to further damage. Driving on a slow puncture any further than necessary can be quite dangerous and soon become a fully flat tyre. If you choose to drive on an under-inflated tyre as a result of the puncture, the tyre pressure may not withstand the car’s weight and cause the tyre to blowout completely. Driving with a puncture can ultimately make the tyre need replacing due to damage and of course increased cost.  It can also damage your wheel and even suspension if the tyre goes flat while driving.

Can my tyre puncture be repaired?

We can repair a tyre puncture if:

  • The puncture is within the central three-quarters of the tyre.
  • It has not been previously repaired.
  • The tyre’s tread depth is over the legal minimum of 1.6mm.
  • There is no further damage to the tyre and the rubber has not aged or deteriorated.

Most tyre punctures can be easily repaired however in some instances, a replacement tyre may be needed. We can supply and fit a new tyre if you would like us to and can quote at the time of booking.

If your puncture adheres to any of the above points, we can repair it with our mobile service for £44.99.

Why choose Prestige?

There’s a whole host of reasons on why you should choose Prestige to repair your tyre puncture. Firstly, our service, experience and pricing are amongst the best in the business but if convenience is one of your key criteria, then you needn’t look elsewhere. With our Mobile Cosmetic Repair service, you simply book your puncture repair and you’ll receive an instant email with available timeslots starting at just 48 hours from your point of booking. Simply select a timeslot which is convenient for you, and we’ll come to you to carry out the repair. That’s right, whether you’re at home or at work, we’ll take all the stress of dropping and collecting your vehicle out of the equation. We even offer a 12-month warranty on all of our mobile repairs. Alternatively, we do still offer an in-house repair service at our main centre, but instead of leaving you without a vehicle whilst yours is in for repair, we actually offer a hire car service for just £12 per day. At Prestige, we really understand that convenience is key for customers and that’s reflected in these unique offerings.

We hope that you now know a bit more about how a puncture is caused, how to spot one and why it’s a good idea to get it fixed. We hope we’ve convinced you that Prestige Wheels are the team who can give you the best service. Head to our homepage to book in your repair today, or for any queries simply fill out our contact form or give us a call and one of our expert technicians will be able to assist.

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