Polished Alloys

Polished alloys – these have more of a “mirror” finish. They are quite simply bare aluminium polished up with a lacquer on top. These aren’t practical for every day use and will corrode faster than painted wheels no matter how new they are – stone chips and weathering will damage these wheels much more easily. We are able to polish up just the outer edges on these wheels removing kerb damage. No warranty can be given to the refurbishment of polished wheels due to the corrosion that can occur. In extremely corroded cases of polished wheels we recommend to lose the finish and go for a bespoke coloured or standard silver coating. The polishing of outer edge can be done mobile or at our main centre.


Split Rims

These are identified by the numerous screws/bolts that run around on the inner part of the outer edge holding the two pieces together. In most cases the outer edge will be polished and the centre colour coated. These types of wheels can take longer due to the time splitting them down. The outer edge can be treated as the polished wheels are and the centre as standard. We can refurbish these wheels both mobile, if minimal damage, or at the main centre for a fuller treatment to the entire alloy. There are cases of some wheels being “fake” these look like split rims but have fake studs instead – please call us for further advise.


Bespoke Colours

Bespoke colours – generally if your wheels don’t look like an average “silver” colour – you have bespoke coloured wheels – they could be shades of grey, black, two colours, smoked chrome or even pink! (Yes, we have refurbished pink wheels in our lifetime!) We generally ask for customers to send photos of the wheels in this case and our technicians will be able to see if they are easily refurbished on the mobile service or if they would be better treated at the main centre. In extreme cases we may not be able to match exactly and try our utmost to match as close as possible if you wish to keep the original colour.


Diamond Cut Alloys

These alloys are a specific type of polished finish. Run on a lathe with a diamond tip! Normally they have just the face of the alloy diamond cut with the sides of the spokes and backs being a different “coloured” finish. They are identified by having the “mirror” finish, but with continuous circular lines running round, much like the way the back of a CD looks like. Diamond cut alloys are treated the same as polished in most case, but can be brought back to original at the main centre. In this instance there is a slightly longer time span than other wheels and variably more expensive.


chrome-plated-alloy-looksWe are unable at the moment to re-chrome alloys. Please call for alternative suggestions.


dented-bucked-cracked-wheelsDented/buckled/need filler welding wheels – if the structure of the alloy has been damaged the wheel will most likely be unsafe for driving. We recommend to all customers that cracks, dents and completely miss-shapened alloys only be repaired as a last resort if no other alternatives can be found. The re-structuring of alloy casting will never be as strong as a new factory made one. Please call for advice.


jaguar-trims-1024x768We supply and fit the 18″ and 20 ” trims for the jaguar range – with the trims being very fragile, they can get very “bruised”. These often can’t be refurbished – they require replacements. It is the most cost efficient way of sorting out your wheels if you have these – a lot cheaper than thinking you may need to buy a complete new wheel! Please call for advice.