Split Rim Alloy Wheel Repair & Refurbishment

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No matter how careful a driver you are, it is a fairly safe bet that at some time or another you will hit a pothole or scuff a kerb and damage your beautiful alloy wheel or wheels. Our mobile split rim alloy wheel refurbishment service can bring back to life your worn corroded or kerbed split rims. At Prestige Wheel our team of expert technicians split the alloys back to their original pieces and deal with each separate piece individually therefore giving you the best service possible


Split rim wheels are different from standard one piece wheels. Put simply, rather than being one-piece they are made in two or three parts which are then bolted together. They are usually very easy to identify since they have a series of small bolts around the rim of the wheel. Because of the multi-part construction, they are susceptible to corrosion more than regular alloy wheels. In most cases the outer edge will be polished and the centre colour coated.


These types of wheels can take longer to repair or refurbish due to the time splitting them down. We offer both a mobile service dependent on the level of damage, or at the main centre for a fuller treatment to the entire alloy. Regardless of how old, or badly kerbed they are, our wheel technicians can refurbish your split rim alloys for you and make them look new again.

As the outer edge is generally polished, this can be re-polished in the same way as regular polished alloys, with the centre repainted or re-sprayed in the normal way. We can offer a standard painting, powder coating, polishing and diamond cutting service during a split rim alloy wheel refurbishment. Giving you the option to add even more of a bespoke finish for your wheels.

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