For your convenience, a pdf version of our Terms and Conditions is available for download HERE

  • Prestige Wheels Ltd aims to refurbish all wheels to the best of our ability but cannot be responsible for any unforeseen problems such as poor casting, hidden cracks, or excessive corrosion. These problems may only become apparent upon removal of the existing wheel coating. If the company does not believe a cosmetically acceptable or safe finish can be achieved, the customer will be contacted to discuss options before further work is undertaken. If upon arrival on the mobile service the alloy damage is greater than what has been promised to Prestige Wheels Ltd wherein the technician is unable to do the job, then a job failure charge of up to £100 + VAT will be incurred to the customer – hence the reasoning for pictures to be shown, correct age of the vehicle, precise finish of the wheel and damage incurred to the alloy to be cascaded to the Prestige Wheels representative taking the booking.
  • Wheel refurbishment is just that, it is not a new wheel – occasionally “used” alloys will never look 100% perfect after its refurbishment. We ask all customers to appreciate the work done and the high quality finish that the wheels are at a small fraction of the price that a new wheel would be.
  • Customers will be asked to sign and agree to “no warranty” and “as close to as possible” colour matching when rare alloys and colours are booked in. The technician holds the right to not carry out the work if the customer doesn’t agree to sign.
  • We ask customers to understand that the amount of work booked in with the mobile technicians is normally what they can fit in. On odd occasions will the technician be able to fit more work in. We ask for you to call the head office to make other arrangements for the extra wheels. If they really are urgent, other customers that we end up cancelling may be lost and an extra charge will be incurred to you to cover the loss of the other job/s.
  • The price agreed on the booking reservation is the price to be paid – we do not haggle – it is not how we do things. Only if the alloys are in worse condition than quoted for when viewed on arrival will the price change. This will most likely be a higher price.
  • Prestige Wheels Ltd reserves the right to refuse to complete the refurbishment process if they discover at any point during the process that the wheel will not in the opinion of the company employees to be safe / legal. Wheels which are classed as in ‘very poor condition’ may incur an additional charge. The customer will be contacted before any additional charge work is completed. Customers should be aware that certain high gloss finishes show blemishes more readily, such as Black Chrome or polished. We cannot guarantee to make your wheels perfect but will ensure they are significantly improved. Should a customer request as new finish or show wheels additional charges will apply and be calculated on a ?labour? basis plus materials.
  • Prestige Wheels Ltd will do the utmost to meet any target completion time-scales given at the time a wheel refurbishment is booked. Target completion times, however, are just that ‘targets’. Prestige Wheels Ltd accepts no responsibility for unforeseen delays within the process as some wheels may take longer than standard within any given process.
  • Prestige Wheels Ltd will only supply specialist valves such as metal, chromed sleeved, hidden, or small rubber when specially requested and for an extra charge. Prestige Wheels Ltd accepts no responsibility for leaks around old valves that have been fitted at the customer request.
  • Special pressure sensing valves are delicate and are often subject to being damaged during the tyre removal / bead braking process. We are unable to take responsibility of the valves and suggest customers have them removed before hand. Please refer to the vehicles handbook when the wheel/s are back on the vehicle to re-calibrate them to the car’s system
  • Prestige Wheels Ltd reserves the right not to re-fit damaged or illegal tyres, the customer will be asked to sign responsibility for tyres re-fitted in poor state.
  • Vehicles / wheels will not be released until payment is made in full. Vehicles / wheels not collected within agreed timescales will be subject to a storage fee. Prestige Wheels Ltd will make every effort to contact customers with respect to collecting their wheels; however, wheels not collected within 6 months of completion will be sold to recover costs.
  • Prestige Wheels Ltd accepts no responsibility for the transport of wheels delivered and / or collected by couriers engaged by the customer. Customers should ensure that any courier they engage is adequately covered. Any courier contracted by Prestige Wheels Ltd will carry adequate insurance.
  • Prestige Wheels Ltd is not responsible for resetting any vehicle computers used for monitoring tyre pressures. Owners should refer to their vehicle manual for this function.
  • All customers’ vehicles must be fully covered by their own insurance whilst left with Prestige Wheels Ltd. All vehicles must be supplied with the locking wheel nut keys for removing and fitting wheels where applicable. Prestige Wheels Ltd accepts no responsibility for goods or articles left in the vehicle.
  • Where Prestige Wheels Ltd fits wheels to the customer’s vehicle, staff will ensure that the wheel bolts will be properly torque using the appropriate tools. Customers are, however, responsible for re checking wheel bolts after the initial bedding in period of 50 miles and at regular points thereafter as part of a standard maintenance routine.
  • Warranty – on all warranty work, the invoice / receipt must be produced by the customer for proof of purchase. No receipt, no come back.
  • PAINTED WHEELS – All of our painted wheels come with a 6 month warranty / guarantee against any paint defect, subject to the damage not having been of a result of driver damage, jet washing the alloys within the first month or the use of corrosive cleaners which will dull and damage lacquer over time.
  • DIAMOND CUT WHEELS / POLISHED ALLOYS – given that lacquered bare machined alloy is not a strong or long lasting finish coupled with our climate, and state of road surfaces, it is difficult to offer any guarantee for this service. With this in mind, however, we have developed what we believe is a fair compromise for our customers who wish to retain this finish.
  • Defect occurring within 1 month, (subject to the damage not having occured as a result of driver damage or the use of corrosive cleaners which will dull and damage lacquer over time.)
    a) Have the wheels polished again at 50% of the cost but with no renewed warranty i.e. if they fail again they are out of warranty. The wheels must be brought to the head office base unit, and left with us for 24hrs minimum. If the alloys are diamond cut there is absolutely no warranty ever in any time scale.
    b) Have the wheels painted at 100% of the cost PLUS a fully renewed 6 month warranty as listed above
  • TWO PIECE WHEELS – are subject to the same general terms as listed above i.e. painted and polished areas. A 6 month warranty is offered against the wheel bolts coming loose; however no warranty is offered on the bolts themselves unless new bolts have been supplied by Prestige Wheels LTD.
  • POLISHED ACCESSORIES / WHEEL PARTS – no warranty is offered on any polished accessory as the duration of the finish is subject entirely on how well they are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis and not suitable for everyday use. Polished parts are only recommended for show purposes.
  • Prestige Wheels Ltd cannot be held responsible for the replacement value of any wheel refurbished or repaired by an employee of Prestige Wheels Ltd