End of Lease Alloy Wear and Tear Guide

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Car leasing is an attractive proposition to lots of drivers, as it allows many of us to get a real taste for a vehicle and how we feel driving it without necessarily having to stump up huge fees for the privilege. However, it’s worth being aware that as you approach the end of your car leasing contract, you will have to go through a returns process that will assess the condition your car is being returned in. Any damage that falls outside of the ‘general wear and tear’ for a vehicle will mean incurring end of lease charges for them to put the car right.

To avoid any necessary charges, the simple solution is to know what type of damage they will be looking for and fix it yourself at a much more reasonable price. This is where Prestige Wheels come in, as we’re here to help repair or refurbish your alloy wheels to get them back to looking like new and avoid any unreasonable charges.

All Lease Hire Companies will be checking your car against the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Associations (BVRLA) ‘Guide to Fair Wear and Tear’ who provide independent guidelines to apply fair and consistent standards to the condition of the vehicle at the end your contract.

For the sake of this guide we’ll just cover off Alloy damage, but you can view the BVRLA industry guidelines for Cars here.

  • Dents on wheel rims, wheel trims and alloys are not acceptable
  • Scuffs up to 50mm on the total circumference of the wheel rim and on alloy wheels are acceptable
  • Any damage to the wheel spokes, wheel fascia, or hub of the alloy wheel is not acceptable
  • There should be no rust or corrosion on the alloy wheels

At Prestige Wheels, we believe you don’t have to be a car junkie to love your alloys. Wear and tear is one thing we can’t do a lot about in life, and this extends to your alloy wheels, unfortunately. The truth is that even the most careful of car owners will most likely run into damaged alloy wheel issues at some point.

Not only do we cover alloy wheel scuff repairs, but we are also capable of handling a variety of damages caused by wear and tear. We provide complete alloy wheel repair where the whole wheel is refurbished – this is not a temporary, cosmetic repair. Whether the alloy wheels are diamond cut, powder-coated, or painted, we will restore them and get them looking like new. 

With a depot in Greater Manchester specialising in the complete refurbishment of alloy wheels, it is now even easier to use our services. Whether you’re looking to repair a dent, scratch or cracked alloy our team of technicians specialise in comprehensive refurbishment including bespoke colour changes, corrosion correction and diamond turning.

Even when it seems as though your alloys are beyond repair; we’ll get them back to looking brand new. Prices start from £79.99 per wheel and you can use our unique online booking system for your instant price and booking date.