Dented Alloy Wheel Repair

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The true stuff of nightmares for car owners comes in the form of dented alloys. Presenting huge appearance, performance and safety issues, you’ll know that there’s really no escape if you’ve ever had the misfortune of coming across this issue.

What’s a dented alloy?

If you’ve ever had a dented alloy, you’ll know about it. Visible by the clear dent which has formed on one part of the alloy, a dented alloy can cause major issues to drive performance as well as the actual appearance of the car. Luckily, Prestige Wheels are always on hand and available to carry out refurbishment in a swift and professional manner.

What’s the problem?

Putting it kindly, a dented alloy isn’t the prettiest of sights. Anyone who takes pride in the appearance of their car will be keen to get a dented alloy repaired as soon as possible, without even needing to take into account the safety aspect.

Do I need to fix it?

A dented alloy is something we’d rank on the severe end of the scale in comparison to a more cosmetic issue, such as a scratch or a slight chip. What you must take into account here is the safety aspect, and simply put you’re most likely putting yourself (and other drivers) under serious risk by continuing to drive in a vehicle that has a dented alloy. Dented alloys really aren’t issues you should be taking a chance on, so we’d always recommend you seek the assistance of a professional repair technician in the event of this fault arising. The fact that you’ll need to specifically inform us when booking your mobile repair if your wheel is dented so that we can send out a specific repair van should tell you all your need to know!

Why choose Prestige?

There’s a whole host of reasons to go with Prestige for your dented alloy repair – our service, experience and pricing are amongst the best in the business – but if convenience is one of your key criteria then you needn’t look elsewhere. With our Mobile Welding Repair service, you simply book your repair and you’ll receive an instant email with available timeslots starting at just 48 hours from your point of booking. Simply select a timeslot which is convenient for you and we’ll come out to you to carry out the repair. That’s right, whether you’re at home or at work – we’ll take all the stress of dropping and collecting your vehicle out of the equation, even offering a 3-month warranty on all of our mobile repairs. Alternatively, we do still offer an in-house repair service at our main centre, but instead of leaving you without a vehicle whilst yours is in for repair, we actually offer a hire car service for just £12 per day. At Prestige we really understand that convenience is key for customers, and that’s reflected in these unique offerings.

We hope that you know a bit more about what a dented alloy is and why it’s a good idea to get it fixed if you encounter this problem, and we hope we’ve convinced you that Prestige Wheels are the team who can give you the best service. Head to our homepage to book in your repair today, or for any queries simply fill out our contact form or give us a call and one of our expert technicians will be able to assist.

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