Mobile Alloy Welding Service

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Our cracked alloy wheel welding repair services are available throughout Nationwide, including Stoke, Manchester, Liverpool and surrounding North West areas.

Our mobile repair unit offers services including the welding of small hairline cracks to the inner rim of the alloy, flat spots or buckles to the barrel of the wheel and seat corrosion repairs at the convenience of your home or works address. This service offers a full repair solution including tyre refitting and balancing so you are back on the road in no time.

Our mobile welding service means we can come to your home or a location of your choice Nationwide to repair your cars  scratches, scuffs, hairline cracks and defects at a time that suits you. With our fully equipped vans we can repair your alloys on the same day.

99% of wheels can be repaired to re-seal the wheel to ensure it is airtight. It is always best if we can see the wheel before the booking – please send photographs to info@prestigewheels.co.uk or pop into one of our depots.

If your alloy is badly cracked and you find that air is leaking from it, you’ll need some assistance from an alloy repair specialist. Cracked alloys can very quickly escalate into a complete blowout which is obviously something you’ll be keen to avoid. The good news here is that whilst you may assume that a cracked alloy would need to be completely replaced, Prestige Wheels are actually able to repair the alloy as it is. Our technicians are proficient in wheel refurbishment, going into depth to determine the current state of the alloy wheel before carrying out a welding repair.

The Mobile Welding process

  • The vehicle is jacked up safely and on the designated points and left securely on axle stands
  • Wheel is removed from vehicle
  • Tyre is deflated and removed from wheel
  • Effected area is cleaned and welded to seal
  • Tyre is re-fitted and inflated to correct PSI
  • Wheel is then balanced and re-fitted to the vehicle
  • Finally the wheel is torqued to correct setting and pictures taken of the completed wheel**
  • We ask all customers to check the nuts after driving for 50km after the wheel has been re-fitted

Unfortunately, we cannot make the alloy any stronger than it was previously before the damage was caused please call 0161 476 1866 to speak to our team for more details on this service.

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